September 2005   Origami  Designs,  Live!!  September 25th 4 - 9pm In Pasadena,
                          Come and experience Origami "Live"  Demonstrations and watch
                          and origami artist fold.  Art for Fundraising.  Origami Art on display
                          and lots of folding!  Click:  ASC Details, tickets available!
Events Overview

May 2005             Origami Designs at Mystic Koi Festival, Upland, California
                           May 14, Saturday and May 15, Sunday  10 - 4 daily
                           Visit our display and workshop area, for demos, teaching,
                           samples, and all around Origami fun - for all ages!!!
                           See Events at      or
                           Festival page at

April 2005             Origami Designs Workshops at Monrovia Community Center - Two
                           different workshops in April.
                           Classes at Michael's In Pasadena & Monrovia        

March 2005 -        Origami Classes at Michael's Arts & Crafts Pasadena & Monrovia
                          Origami Designs presents Spring Workshop for children at
                          Santa Catalina Branch Pasadena Library

February 2005 -    International Origami Exhibit by Origami Designs on Display 
                          HELD OVER by invitation of Center Library, Pasadena, California
                          Origami Classes at Michael's Arts & Crafts  Monrovia
                          Monrovia Community Center - Workshop Class - Winter Program

January 2005     -  Origami Designs brings the International Origami Exhibition
                          Pasadena, CA. new venue, second month long showing

December 2004  -    Origami Designs provides a special Christmas Origami
                             display, by invite, at the Santa Catalina Branch - Pasadena
December 2004 -     Origami presents a second workshop sponsored by
                             Set The Mood, in Montrose, California.  September 2004
                             first workshop.

October 2004 -      Origami Designs hosts the international    "2004
                          Origami  Festival, USA" in So California.  .
July - August  -     Origami Designs presents its' first origami workshops
   (2004)              for the Teen Program,   Pasadena CA Library
                          "Wings N Things" 
July - August  -     Origami Designs participated in the second year - Summer
2004                   special programs for children with, "Ride A Wild Tale,"
May - June     -     Origami Designs premiers our "Wedding" origami
                          offerings, and consultation.
April 2004       -    Origami Designs begins with classes at the wonderful
(Ongoing)             Michael's Arts and Crafts stores

January 2004   -     Origami Designs Classes begin for a year long schedule
(Ongoing)             of classes for children & adults at the Monrovia Community
                           Center, in Monrovia California.  

December 2003 -  Origami Designs adds three new Christmas Tree packages
                              to our offering of Tree Decorating Packages
October 2003  -     Origami Designs travels to the Pacific Coast Conference
                           OD artist Ms. Turner designed & donated a unique gift
                           basket of washi & other origami papers & models, and
                           a replica of the ER Origami Tree,  both for the silent auction!
July    2003      -    Origami Designs artist Barbara Turner appears for the
                           first time as a part of the Summer Children's Series,
                           presenting "Get Wild with Origami" ...
June-Aug 2003 -    Origami Designs & Vroman's Hastings in Pasadena
                          Launch a fantastic display of Origami books, and
                          dynamic window displays of Origami!
May  2003  -         Origami Designs' Single Hanging Cranes are
                           added to The Store At Central, in the main library
                           branch, book and giftshop, Pasadena, Ca.
April 2003  -          Origami artist and lecturer presents a special class
                           for students at the Frostig Center in Pasadena, Ca.
February 2003 -     Origami Designs is very proud to do special origami
                          for NBC's ER episode of "1000 Cranes"
January 2003  -     Origami Designs artist, Barbara Turner, provides
                           an amazing Display of Origami filling the glass
                           display cases at the North Entrance to the main
                           library Branch in Pasadena, California
January 2003   -     Origami Designs adds the Children's Series to it
                           line of products & launches ORIGAMIDESIGNS.ORG!

December 2002 -    Origami Designs debuts the all-origami decorated
                            Christmas tree in gold at The Flowerman, Pasadena
December 2002 -    Origami Designs decorates the tree at
                            Yoshino Japanese Antiques Pasadena, CA.
December 2002 -    NBC's  ER Christmas episode calls for a special Origami
                            Designs prop Christmas Tree
November 2002 -     Origami Designs premiers new items for the
                            Thanksgiving holiday season.
October 2002   -      "Walk Like A Man"  Origami Designs folds for this episode of
                             the prime time drama Emergency on NBC                                            September 2002  -   Origami Designs is launched.  Online website officially
                             launched for national and international business. 

June 2005            Super Reading, Super Hero Origami Designs Library Workshops
                          June 30, City Of Arcadia Library   2 workshops for children
                          City of Pasadena, 4 workshops, check here for dates!
                          Special Demonstrations, Yoshino Japanese Antiques, dates soon!
August 2005        Super Summer Origami Library Workshops
                          August,  City of Arcadia Library, 2 workshops for children
                          August,     City of Pasadena, workshops  check back for dates!!
July  2005             July 7   City of Monrovia Community Services Workshop
                           July 9   City of Monrovia Community Services Workshop
May  2005             Pasadena City College, Pasadena, California  Origami Designs
                           Participated in Japanese Cultural Festival at Harbeson Hall.
                           Origami Designs was on-site to talk, share, demonstrate and
                           encourage participation and folding for students and visitors alike.
September 2005   Origami  Designs,  Live!!  September 25th 4 - 9pm In Pasadena,
                          Come and experience Origami "Live"  Demonstrations and watch
                          and origami artist fold.  Art for Fundraising.  Origami Art on display
                          and lots of folding!  Click:  ASC Details, tickets available!
October 2005       Origami Designs four workshops at the Monrovia Community Center n
                          their Fall Schedule of Classes.  Check back for other events here in
                          October.  .
November 2005    Origami Designs is busy in November and December with special orders for                               Holiday Trees, special workshops, and holiday projects.  Check the Events                                    Page for specific events and updates!!                          
                          Origami Designs Presents an origami workshop At the Sunrise Assisted Living
                          Residence in San Marino.   November 2nd 3-5pm Second in a series of planned                             with Sunrise!